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Blackjack Card Counting: Popular Myths

Nearly everyone, even those who have never played at casino, has heard about Blackjack card counting. Blackjack became popular owing to several well-known Hollywood movies and numerous articles both on the Internet and in the press. In this article we`ll try to shatter the most widespread myths about this strategy. 

Card Counting in Blackjack Requires Photographic Memory 

Most cinema lovers who enjoyed Dustin Hoffman`s acting in the movie Rain Man are sure of this. Those who don`t know much about card counting think that you must track and memorize all the cards in the shoe to know which cards have been dealt and which ones are still being played. You don`t need to do this. Every card is assigned a positive, negative, or zero value, which is added to the total count when the card is dealt. Basing on this information, the player varies his/her bets and makes decisions.  Therefore, you must count quickly and stay focused all the game through.

Popular Myths about Blackjack Card Counting

You Have to be a Math Genius to Count Cards 

The movie 21 is responsible for this myth. In fact, a person with the average IQ level can master most strategies of card counting. There are methods, though, which require exceptional mental abilities.

It Takes Months or Even Years to Master Card Counting

Old-fashioned strategies of card counting are really complicated and require training. However, by now much simpler strategies have been worked out. They are good for regular gamblers as well as for those spending little time in casinos. Note that card accounting will be of little help without solid knowledge on the basic Blackjack strategy.

Card Counting is Outlawed

This idea is actively promoted by casino owners and managers. However, card counting, if not involving technical devices, isn`t prosecuted in any country of the world.

Card Counting is Impossible in 8-Deck Games 

This is not true. The player is capable of counting cards in games with any number of decks involved. It is harder to do so if the Dealer cuts too many cards in the shoe or removes cards secretly, but even in this case card counting isn`t pointless. 

Card Counters Always Win

Card counters manage to level the house edge and make their winning odds higher. In other words, their winnings keep exceeding their losses. However, you can`t win every game owing to card counting alone.

Card Counting Requires Much Money

If you have a small bankroll, choose the table with the lowest level of minimum bets. It will help you get over the unlucky streak, which can happen to anyone. Choosing the right amount of bets is more important than having an impressive bankroll.

Card Counting is Possible Even in Online Casinos 

The point of card counting is to determine the ratio between high and low cards remaining in the game. The closer the deck or the shoe is to the end, the clearer idea of his/her winning odds has the counter. In online casinos all cards involved in the game (one or several decks) are shuffled after each deal, so every new deal is identical to the first deal from a new shoe in land-based casinos. This is the reason why online card counting has no sense.