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How free slot games work

Free slot games is an endless, entertaining, and immersive world that takes you into the magical fairy-tale. Are you ready to search for the treasures of the ancient Aztecs? Are you looking forward to romantics and tender words? Interstellar journeys, dwarves, diamonds, and magical palaces. Free slots games are a new-era fairy-tale for grown-ups.

Functional specifics of free slot games

A wide range of useful and entertaining functions is the key feature of free slot games. When opening a slot machine for the first time, you pay attention to its reels. Most free slots games feature five reels. There are some machines with as few as three reels, though.

Moreover, slot games free feature paylines, on which a player bets. If a player lands a winning combination on an active payline, he gets his winnings. The number of palyines in free games slots varies from 3 (rarely) to 50.

Another functional element is a bet per payline. Developers understand that slot games for free are not for everybody, so bets have a pretty wide range from one cent to several dozens of dollars.

Specifics of playing slot games for free

Some casinos allows their clients to play slot games for free and give them a certain amount of virtual money (up to 1000 credits) to practice. This amount is enough to make several dozens of spins, if you are not too generous with your bets.

You can always play free slot games on our website with no limitations whatsoever. When you have run out of credits, you just need to re-load the page.

The best manufacturers of free slots games

How free slot games workThe international gambling market is represented by hundreds of large manufacturers of free slot games. Gamblers profit from such a tough competition, because online casinos have free slot games from the world’s best brands. The market is dominated by such companies as Novomatic, Igrosoft, Playtech, Betsoft, Net Entertainment, and some other renowned casino software and free slots games developers.

Every producer has created its own individual style. For example, Novomatic specializes in gaminators, while free slot games from Betsoft, Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming traditionally impress with their elaborate functions and flawless 3D graphics.

You should not expect, though, that free games slots do not have a single drawback. But every slot game has its unique features. Try out different slots and make real-money bets. And don’t stop believing that one day you may make history as the owner of a one-million-dollar jackpot.

About free slot games

Everyone must have seen (in a movie, at least) the mechanical machines that used to be launched with a lever, which gave them their nickname “one-handed bandits.” Today’s free slot games are started through pressing a button. Upon throwing several coins into a slot, a player presses the button (or pulls the lever) to set in motion three to five reels that rotate and stop independently. If the combination formed is a winning one, the slot will reward a player with a payout. While in the past only real-money slots were available, now you can play slot games free online absolutely.

A slot game features three to five reels. A player sets the number of reels to play with. The most popular free slots games usually have five reels.

A slot game offers twenty to one hundred symbols. A three-reel free slot game with twenty symbols on each reel features around 8,000 possible combinations, but only 12 of them bring winnings to a player. The probability of landing three identical symbols is 1:7999. A slot with 120 symbols on each reel offers the whopping 1,728, 000 combinations. In this case, the probability of winning is 1:1 727 999.

A player’s chances to land a winning combination are totally unpredictable and random. The total amount of winnings is determined by the algorithm used by a slot game.

For many countries, gambling business is a large – or even the main –source of budget revenues. Profits received from Las Vegas slot games allowed to build six state-of-the-art casino hotels, each one costing half a billion of dollars. In 2000 in Nevada, income from slot games replenished the budget with $15 bln. in taxes. In France, slot games had been under a strict ban for a long time. Then the ban was lifted by the right-wing government that came to power. As a result, casino profits increased sixfold over the last several years and reached 6 bln francs, 85% of it coming from slot games. The reason behind such impressive figures is high efficiency of slot games. The state also benefits from huge popularity of slot games. It takes 53% of casino profits. With development of Internet and advanced technologies, gamblers got access to free slot games that require no real money investments.

According to experts in gambling business and casino equipment, in attempt to attract and retain clients, almost all large gaming systems increase pool of winnings to whopping 94% and add extra 4-5% out of their own pocket. The reasons behind such a costly measure are quite simple. Firstly, if a casino starts to offer slots games with 75% payouts instead of 89%, players will switch to casinos with more beneficial offers. Large and serious companies, that invested millions of dollars in gambling business and incorporated hundreds of their casinos into a single network, guarantee high winnings to their clients. Such casinos are easily distinguished by colorful and eye-catching progressive jackpot ads. Moreover, now every player can enjoy playing free slot games in any casino of the world.

Rich casino owners find it inapropriate to cheat their clients. Moreover, reputation in the gambling world is, perhaps, much more important that in any other business.

History of slots games

Liberty Bell, the very first slot game in the world, was invented by Charles Fey in 1895 in his home workshop. The machine featured three disks that were located one behind another and had numbers painted on them. The get the maximum winnings of 5 dollars, a player had to land 4-11-44 combination. Other winning combinations were shown in the paytable. Liberty Bell was installed in one of San Francisco saloons, the owners of which received a half of its payouts. Due to huge success of his first invention, in 1896 Mr. Fey opened his own slot game factory. Nowadays, slots games are available as software games on the screen of your computer or smartphone. Furthermore, you can play free slot games without risking your own money.

Types of free slot games

Modern slot games can be classified into two categories. The first category includes AWP free slots games. The second category is casino slots with such parameters, as performance, cost, duration of gameplay, and ratio of a bet to the maximum winnings. AWP slot games free account for about 60-70% of the total number of all free games slots. In the recent time, this tendency has been changing, though. Casino slots games are becoming increasingly popular. Now you can play various free slot games without even leaving your home.

A large contribution to huge popularity of slot games all over the world was made by the American company YGT that invented the progressive jackpot system. Progressive jackpot system combines thousands of slot games located in different cities and countries via the Internet. Today, such slot games can be found at online casinos as well. By the way, you can play any slot games for free, without risking a cent out of your own pocket.

Can I win at slots games?

It may seem that any slot game is designed to win, while a player is destined to losses and negative emotions. The only exception is free slots games where you can play for virtual coins.

Despite the fact that any free slot game secures its owner or tenant with a steady fixed income, you may come across people who are ready to cheat gamblers in order to get extra profits. They can set a slot in such a way that its payout rate does not exceed 20%. However, there are swindlers among players as well. At the start of wide popularity of slot games, many players tried to outsmart their mechanical rivals by using rather inelegant methods. They drilled a hole in the metallic body of a slot and shoved wires through them, trying to change the position of the mechanism so that it start making payouts. Or by using a metallic rod, they tried to extract coins out of the machine. As you must know, every action always encounters counteraction. Slot game manufacturers invented new methods of protecting their slots from cunning cake eaters. But sometimes there were no obvious signs of interference with the mechanism, and it was extremely difficult to detect the flaw. Despite of that difficulties, slot developers still produced free versions of slot games. Now you can enjoy a wide selection of free slots games that can meet any preferences.

In the forties of the last century, during World War II, an invisible fight for money cost American casinos and its owners $500 mln. Those millions of dollars passed to those whom casinos called swindlers and criminals. Among common people, who have always despised casino owners, those people were nicknamed “temp boys.”

Those were multiple independent groups of gamblers that learned how to beat free slot games. Due to great observation skills of swindlers, casino owners could not understand what was going on and fought temp boys blindly, without trying to understand the details.

The great discovery revealed by temp boys was the following. If you manage to pull the lever of a slot in a certain moment, the slot lands the previous combination of symbols. Although pretty simple and alluring, the idea was tough to implement in practice.

As soon as casinos knew how swindlers acted, slot timers were re-set. Now they were launched by another small random number generator , and the launch time varied from several splits of a second to fifteen seconds. Swindlers became powerless. Now, when online casinos conquered the world of gambling, this doubtful method of winning at slot games is not even worth mentioning. If you are not yet ready to spend your own money on gambling, you can try out free slot games.

Nevertheless, players still try to interfere with free slots games. Some experienced players detect bugs and deficiencies in slot software, which helps them win.

In 2000, Big Game magazine published a story about swindle directed at Cherry Bonus slot manufactured by the Japanese company DYNA. The game was successfully played in many countries for a long time. In most free slot games, gameplay is divided into two stages. The first stage is regular game. The second stage is Gamble game. If a player lands a winning combinations during the regular game, he can take a risk and try to increase his winnings during the gamble game. During the gamble round, you can see a row of cards on the screen. You are asked to guess whether the nominal value of the first card is lower or higher than seven. If your guess is correct, you get doubled winnings. Otherwise, you lose your money. Moreover, the card may open itself and double your winnings without the need to take a guess. Nowadays, with free slot games, you can try out the exciting gamble feature without risking your own money.

Cherry Bonus uses 2 distributors: one for the regular game and the other for the gamble game. It’s goes without saying that they must interact. But that was not the case.

Hackers started with playing gamble games, which was not difficult. Every time a slot offered a hint, swindlers did not take it. Then the distributor of winnings began to view any player’s answer as a correct one. Having secured a guaranteed win during the gamble game, swindlers switched to the regular games at maximum bets. After getting large winnings in the regular game, swindlers entered the gamble game. The distributor had no idea about the course of the regular game and kept losing to a player.

At the same time, against their will, swindlers help manufacturers improve their free slots games. Nowadays, all respected slot manufacturers provide their software with secure multi-level protection. Graphics and software packages that perform different functions are located individually. For example, if a slot features 20 games, be sure that each of them has its individual software. While it’s still possible to hack each software package, it has become pretty useless. So if you don’t want to risk your own money, you should choose free slot games that offer just the same selection of functions as their real-money counterparts.