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Free slots

Recently, free slots have become the symbol of gambling and have conquered the Internet. Slots free have turned into the main attraction of online casinos.

We are offering you a wonderful collection of free slots that are popular among seasoned players. On our website, you can play the best slots free, with no obligations or registration. Every slot free is available in demo mode, i.e. you can play for virtual credits. To get more credits, just re-load the page.

Play slots for free to get some practice, gain experience, and learn all ins and out of every slot machine.

Types of free slots

Free slots come in three main types – three-reeled, five-reeled, and seven-reeled ones.

Three-reeled slots are classical slots that have been revived by online casinos. Three-reeled slots free are available at any respectable online casino and on our website.

Free slots: Types, specifics, and advantages

Five-reeled slots are the most popular type of free slots available at modern online casinos. Although at first sight they may seem very alike, each of them has a number of individual features and functions, including the number of paylines, bonus rounds, and double games. We recommend you to play slots free in order to learn more about the rules and specifics of each slot.

Seven-reeled slots are a new type of free slots offered by online casinos. They distinguish themselves with top-notch graphics and immersive sounds. However, they lack such pleasant features as bonus games. Seven-reeled free slots are a perfect choice for loves of classical games who would like to try something new.

Real-money slots vs. Free slots

Good news for those who like traditional slots. Free slots are absolutely the same as real-money slots, both from visual and technical perspectives. Moreover, slots for free have a couple of significant advantages over their real-money counterparts. Firstly, they offer players the opportunity to enjoy gambling absolutely for free. Secondly, they offer a higher payout rate that reaches 97% at respectable online casinos (compared with 50-60% payout offered by real-money slots).

We would like to emphasize that playing slots for free at home and at any time is a much more enjoyable experience. Unlike playing real-money slots, you have no obligations and limitations whatsoever.

Whether you prefer to play for fun or for real money, you should remember that gambling is not a source of income. People from all over the world go to Las Vegas to enjoy new emotions, and not to win a fortune. It’s very important to be able to enjoy the very process of playing. That’s why we offer you a chance to play free slots right on our website. We wish you lucky bets and generous bonuses!

One of the symbols of the modern times, slots have a long and rich history. The first slot in the history of mankind was invented by a common car mechanic in the 19th century in the US. The idea turned out to be so interesting and profitable that many large American corporations launched mass production of the wonderful machine. Thus a random invention turned into a great historical discovery. Today, anyone can enjoy playing slots without leaving his home. Furthermore, now casinos offer the opportunity to play free slots.

The unique thing about free slots is that they allow you to enjoy gambling without dealers. Moreover, there is absolutely no financial risk for a player, and hence – no tension or stress.

The first slot was invented in 1895 and named Liberty Bell. It featured three reels and just one payline. Each reel had five symbols on it. The reels were set in motion with a special lever. The lever was the very reason why slots were later dubbed “one-handed bandits.” Tha maximum winnings you could get in Liberty Bell amounted to one and a half dollars (ten 5-cent coins).

The promising idea was not ignored or forgotten, and in the middle of the 20th century people resumed their interest in slot machines and equipped them with new interesting features. The world’s first electronic and mechanical slot Money Honey was issued by Bally Manufacturing in 1964. The slot was extremely popular among those who love new gambling games. By the way, now you can play free slots without leaving your home. We will discuss this issue below.

History of video slots

With development of TV and computer technologies that allowed to record and reproduce images, the world saw special slots that showed video images and had screens just like computers. The first video slot named Fortune Coin was issued in 1975. Although many players were sure that the computer was impossible to beat, the new invention gained huge popularity among gamblers. The slot featured three reels and five paylines. The slot also had a traditional lever used to set the reels in motion.

Fortune Coin video slot was a forefather of today’s slots. In 1976, IGT company launched mass production of Fortune Coin slots and introduced a series of new slot games in the market. One of the games started a true revolution in the gambling world. It was a video poker game produced in 1979. As those were the times of peak popularity of poker, the new video poker slot became a huge success, too. It is still popular even today. Moreover, now you can play free slots without risking your own money or leaving your home.

History of free slots

The eighties were the time when another wave of active slot production hit the world of gambling. Bored with a standard set of functions and endless repetitions, slot manufacturers tried to develop unique and exciting features for their new slot machines. Back then slots featured three or five reels and up to several dozens of paylines. Winnings varied from casino to casino.

Although the epoch of traditional slot machines is not yet over, they are being slowly replaced by slots free available at online casinos. Free slots offer a multitude of valuable advantages:

  • availability for any user;
  • top-notch video screen;
  • wide selection of games;
  • several dozens of active paylines (up to a hundred), the number of reels still ranges from 3 to 5;
  • simple gameplay;
  • unique bonus system; and
  • opportunity to play slots for free.

Nowadays, any gambler can play free slots online anytime and anyplace, despite of the gambling legislation in his country. The most reliable and respectable manufacturers of free slots include Playtech, Microgaming, Novomatic, Igrosoft, NetEnt, and some others.

The major advantage of today’s slots free is that all of them feature a unique plot and gameplay. A player immerses to the virtual world and gets true pleasure from playing an online slot that meets his preferences and tastes.

Main myths about free slots

Unfortunately, free slots are surrounded by multiple confusing and erroneous myths. Some of them may have made sense years ago, when people played older versions of slots for free. But most myths were simply made up by ignorant players.

Myth: Every slot machine has its individual cycles, and all possible combinations are landed in a certain order.

Answer: This is absolutely not true. All results are random. Previous and future results are not connected at all. There are no cycles of any kind. You can make sure for yourself by playing free slots without risking your own money.

Myth: Casino can determine wins and losses for a certain player. For example, if a player is having a losing streak, is getting nervous and wants to leave, he is allowed to win. Or a casino pays out large winnings to a high roller so that he stays and plays more.

Answer: Here are two important facts that every slot player should remember once and for all. Firstly, the results are determined by random number generator. Secondly, casino cannot interfere with slot algorithms. Of course, here we are talking about honest and reliable online and land- based casinos and games from renowned manufacturers. You can see for yourself and play free slots that entail no financial risks.

Myth: A bonus game has a pre-determined result and does not depend on a player’s guess.

Answer: Results of bonus games are totally random. Nevertheless, new slots for free raise some doubts. Before playing for real money, you should play in demo mode for free. According to manufacturers, free slots and real-money slots use the same random number generator.

Myth: A slot can make a difference between a large bet and a small bet. Payout rate is determined by the size of the bet.

Answer: Of course, a slot can make a difference between the two, but that does not affect a payout rate. Every slot has one layout of symbols and one payable. Changing a payout rate is simply impossible. Remember, though, that in some slots, higher bets give you a chance to win larger winnings, which can be seen from the payable. Be attentive and make maximum bets. Try to play free slots first to get the hang of the game and learn its rules.

Myth: There are systems of bets that help win at slots

Answer: This has nothing to do with the truth. Not any system of bets can change mathematical expectation. The only parameter it can affect is dispersion, i.e. fluctuation of results. By changing your bets, it’s impossible to turn a slot with negative mathematical expectation into a slot with a positive one. To make sure for yourself, try out your preferred strategy in free slots.

Slot strategies

Most players play slots not to kill time or relax, but to win. While some gamblers rely on their luck, others try to find a way to beat a slot and find a strategy that would bring them steady winnings. The latter group of players is going to face disappointment. For a random game with a mathematical expectation less than 1 (including slots with their 90-98 payouts) , there is no strategy that would secure winnings in the short or the long term. In other words, a player cannot change mathematical expectation or a payout rate. The only thing you can count on is fickle luck. Or your phenomenal skills that allow you to re-program a land-based or online slot, which is hardly imaginable, though. If you reluctant to take any risks, we recommend you to opt for free slots.

The best advice is to play slots with maximum payout rate or free slots. Unfortunately, very few casinos provide information about payout rates of their slots. Calculating a payout rate by yourself is a tough task. Nevertheless, you can find information on mathematical expectation of some slots free on the Internet. Another valuable tip is to study a paytable. In classic slots, if you make a maximum bet (2-3 coins), you get higher payouts for your winning combinations than if you bet just 1 coin. By making maximum bets, you increase mathematical expectation by about 1%.

If you prefer to apply strategies for free slots, you should pay attention to the following strategies:

  • Martingale . Start with betting 1 coin per line. If you lose two consecutive times (or get small winnings), bet 2 coins per line. If you win, return to 1-coin bet. If you lose again, raise your bet up to 3 coins. And so on. Frequency of your increments depends on dispersion. The higher the dispersion, the less frequent will be your increments. To get the hang of the process, try to use this strategy in free slots.

  • Anti-Martingale. Here you must raise your bets when you win, instead of when you lose. This strategy is based on an assumption that your winning streak must linger for a longer time and you should make the best of it. Playing slots for free is the best way to try out this strategy.

  • Some players use strategies that have nothing to do with wins or losses. They just make a number of spins (five, for example) with 1coin bet, then the same number with 2-coin bet and 3-coin bet. Then they switch back to 1-coin bets.

  • Some players set the so-called stop loss, i.e. they quit playing as soon as they have lost a certain amount of money ($10, for instance).

While some gamblers prefer to play slots free without any strategies, others rely on strategies and believe in their effectiveness. However, you should clearly understand what using a certain strategy leads to. Although there is no harm in applying strategies, the benefits they bring are mostly of psychological nature. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide. Before playing for real money, you can always try out free slots and choose the strategy you like without risking your bankroll.