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Online Slots vs. Real Slots

Arguments on what type of slots is better are as old as the world. It`s no use giving advantages of online casinos over brick and mortar ones, or vice versa. All we want is to make a comparison between playing online slots and real slots.

What concerns the game itself, differences are few. Taking into account swift advances in electronics and programming, both online and real slots use the random number generator and are powered by similar software. So, it might seem that there is no difference at all. This is not true, though.

You Can Play Free Slots

At the real casino you will have to play for money in any case. You can hardly start playing without throwing a coin into a slot machine. Online slots don`t impose such requirements. You choose any slot you like and enjoy the game for free. By the way, precisely this opportunity seems attractive to most people who prefer online casinos over brick and mortar ones. You don`t have to spend money to enjoy an online slot game.

A Wide Variety of Games

Another major difference involves variety of games. The range of online slots is extremely wide and all of them offer games for real money. There is no need to switch between casinos to try out new games.

Rather often casino frequenters face the situation when their favourite place is occupied, so they have to wait or play another slot machine, with the game going very bad. It`s more of a psychological problem, but it does exist.

Why online slots better than real?

Online Casino Can Offer Bigger Cashouts

Having lower operating costs, online casino can offer bigger cashouts, which is quite a significant advantage in the eyes of players.

Playing online you don`t have to spend money on getting to the casino, as well as buying food and drinks. Moreover, you enjoy striking range of bonuses, safety, and casino availability in any part of the world. Considering all these factors, online casinos can leave their brick and mortar rivals in the dust.

However, online casino is not able to create unique atmosphere of a real casino, or give an opportunity to meet friends and enjoy an impressive show.  From a social point of view, a brick and mortar casino is beyond comparison, which is really great.