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Which is the better game? Poker or Blackjack?

Pacino or DeNiro? Burger King or McDonalds? Coke or Pepsi? Maradona or Pele? The debate between poker and blackjack is a tough one. Both games have their merits and both have stood the test of time. To settle it, let’s look at the Online Blackjack vs Poker Debate and see what the players of each game would say.

Let the players decide – Blackjack vs Poker

A poker player would say that this is the game that employs more psychology than any other. In playing poker you have to try to read the mind of your opponents, you have to make them think that you are going to do one thing when you are really going to do the opposite. Poker is scientific, good players will know the mathematical probabilities of the success of any given hand. As the game goes on a poker player will know when to crank up their game and wear their opponents down. This is not a game it is psychological warfare.

Which is the better game? Poker or Blackjack?

A blackjack player would counter that their game is a firecracker to the slow burn of poker. In blackjack you need the same elements as poker – the psychology, the knowledge of probability – but you also need to adapt these skills to the quick-fire nature of the game. In blackjack the game can be won and lost in seconds, but a new game will start all over again in a matter of moments.

Yes, the poker player would say, but there is the small matter of the big pots that are on offer in poker, blackjack cannot match the big wins of poker.

The blackjack player would argue that one must see several games of blackjack as a whole. To play blackjack you need to see the picture, losing one game does not really matter, it is about building and building your stack of chips by winning several games. The blackjack player would then counter and say that the beauty of blackjack is that you do not risk losing all your chips on one hand like in poker.

Good point, the poker player would say, however you are forgetting that poker is a game of risk versus reward, as the fact that you can lose all your chips is tempered by the fact that you could gain everyone’s chips! This is the essence of poker – the big win – and that means it trumps blackjack as the best card game.

Again the blackjack player would point out that the wins in blackjack are as big as poker, they are just spread out over several games. Fair enough, the poker player would concede.

Both games have merit

Let us agree to disagree then, both players would say. These two games have both stood the test of time they are both great it their own right and will be played by players for many years to come. Both games test skill and patience, and both games take a little bit of luck, but in the end they are classics for a reason because they are both an exciting way to win some big money.