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Slot Machines Tricks

If you google "slot machines tricks" and look through the results, you will surely feel like the only person who doesn`t know how to win at video slots, while others do nothing else but trying to earn at online casinos using different tricks. Let us be realistic, though. If you play fairly, it`s impossible to win at a real or online slot constantly. As we have mentioned in our earlier articles, modern slot machines use the random number generator, which creates unpredictable symbol combinations. There`s no use trying to calculate the result or apply the probability theory. It`s also not easy to interfere into its work, because modern online casinos have impeccable protection system.

Slot machines involve games with a fixed cashout percentage which is impossible to change, i.e. if a slot is programmed to 97% cashout, sooner or later it must get its 3% of bets.

We won`t deny the fact that some players succeeded in tricking slot machines. But at the same time we don`t give tips for casino hacking, that is why we casually mention this issue in the section devoted to gambling swindlers.  Moreover, it`s almost impossible (if you are not an expert, anyway) to hack online casino slots  based on cutting edge technology.

Let us consider some methods used by gamblers trying to trick slots.

Slot Bugs

All over the Russian-language Internet you can find numerous articles, blogs and forums providing information on video slot errors, which players can use to their advantage. People mostly discuss such slots as Igrosoft, Novomatic, Gaminator and some others.

We won`t assert that all of those tips are rubbish, but the author of these lines, as well as his former gambling co-players, failed to apply at least one of those methods successfully.

Such secrets tend to be nothing more than fantasies of most passionate gamblers. Internet abounds in similar free tips. You can test them yourself, but we strongly advise you not to buy those recommendations, for they won`t bring you anything new and useful.

All about Slot Machines Tricks

Slot machines betting systems and strategies

Betting systems fail to beat casino games.  Whatever scheme you use changing the bet size, it won`t increase your chances to win.

We considered a couple of common systems in the strategy section on You can read them if interested. But don`t expect they work by some miracle, because this is just a way to add variety to the game.

The only reasonable strategy is to choose the most profitable combination and to make moderate bets, corresponding to your bankroll amount.  You should also know if a slot offers any benefits if you make the maximum bet (e.g, jackpot). As simple as that.

(there is an excellent review article on casino advantages and betting systems under this link)

Video slot software

Software that supposedly helps win at slots is not so wide spread as roulette, blackjack and poker software. While some software for these games can be really helpful, slot software is good for nothing.  So, we won`t recommend you neither of these tools.

Best Slot Machines Tricks

What`s in the end?

Slot tricks are made up by most passionate gamblers and dealers trying to get money at the expense of obsessed players.

Once again: it`s impossible to gain advantage over a video slot. Low quality slots tend to have bugs, but you shouldn`t play at casinos offering such slots. Moreover, it`s not so easy to trick a slot by using its bug against it.

Few swindlers succeed in tricking casinos by using some software or technical devices. These people devote their whole lives to developing such skills.  Are you really ready to do it?

That`s why before spending money on doubtful software and undertaking a risky venture, you should think it over and over again.