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Wild Viking

Wild Viking is a card game that is very similar to Roulette. It is offered by top leading gaming provider Playtech and is available at most online casinos that utilize this software. Instead of using the Roulette wheel there are cards instead that are drawn by the dealer and shuffled from a 52 card deck. Two jokers are included in the game play.

The gameplay is similar to roulette – you have the option to make multiple bets. To place bets, select the chip value and left-click on the area on which you wish to bet. Right-click to reduce or remove a bet. Note that while right-clicking the bet, the amount removed is equal to the chip value currently selected. You can remove all bets by clicking the Clear Bets button.

When all bets are placed, press the Deal button to draw five cards from the deck.

The last card drawn determines the outcome of all Roulette Bets. If the last card is a Joker, all bets lose except for the Wild Viking Bet, the Poker Bets and the Progressive Bet. All five cards combined determine the outcome of the Poker Bets and the Progressive Bet. The first and the last card drawn determine the outcome of the Wild Viking Bet.


  1. Any single card – 51:1
  2. Any two specific adjoining cards – 25:1
  3. Any four specific adjoining cards – 12:1
  4. Any adjoining pair of ranks – 5:1
  5. Any particular suit – 3:1
  6. Any particular block of 4 ranks – 2:1
  7. Any particular block of 6 ranks – 1:1
  8. Red/Black – 1:1
  9. Even/Odd – 1:1
  10. Wild Viking - 1250:1 (if both the first and fifth cards drawn are Jokers) 

Poker Bets

Poker bets win if the corresponding poker combination or a better combination is drawn by the dealer. For example, a bet on 2 Pairs or Better wins if the dealer draws a Flush. Jokers are wild and used by the house to make the best possible poker hand. Payouts:

  1. 4 of a Kind or Better          280:1
  2. Full House or Better          150:1
  3. Flush or Better                   90:1
  4. Straight or Better              45:1
  5. 3 of a Kind or Better         9: 1
  6. 2 Pairs or Better                6 :1
  7. A Pair of 6s or Better        1:1

Progressive Jackpot

This is a fixed side bet that you’ll win if the dealer draws 3 of a Kind or better. If the hand is a Wild Viking Royal Flush (five-card hand where the first and fifth cards are Jokers and cards 2-3-4 are any three of 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace), you win the Jackpot. Payouts are as follows:

  1. 5 of a Kind                999:1
  2. Royal Flush              249:1
  3. Straight Flush          49:1
  4. 4 of a Kind                19: 1
  5. Full House                 9:1
  6. Flush                          7:1
  7. Straight                     4:1
  8. 3 of a Kind                2:1

Play Wild Viking